[wr_row][wr_column span=”span10″][wr_text el_title=””]chikara pheromone for menChikara Pheromone for Men is a fantastic smelling pheromone cologne. But beyond the great smell does it have any other benefits? We’ll see in just a moment, but first let’s take a look at what all the all-important ingredients are. Chikara pheromone cologne contains no less than seven different pheromones. Three of these you would expect to find in pretty much any pheromone cologne. These are the standard sex pheromones androstenone, androstenol and androsterone. In addition to these are four additional pheromones that you are less likely to find in other pheromone colognes. It is these additional pheromones which are what gives Chikara its uniqueness. The manufacturer refers to these four additional pheromones as their proprietary blend which is just another word for secret. I don’t know what they are. Each bottle contains 10mg of pheromones which is quite a lot compared to some other colognes but nowhere near as much as Pherazone which contains 18mg. If it were all about quantity then Pherazone would be the clear winner. However with pheromone colognes the blend is what matters and you can always apply extra sprays to get better results. Let’s take a closer look at the three main advertised pheromones in Chikara. It contains androstenol which is a social pheromone. This helps you to be perceived by women as being approachable and friendly. Women are likely to be more at ease in your presence and become more relaxed and chatty with you. In other words this particular pheromone works as an icebreaker which is a great thing to have in pheromone cologne. Chikara Pheromone for Men Next we have androstenone which is the all-important sex pheromone that promotes feelings of sexual attraction in women. This pheromone signals strong masculine attributes such as aggression and dominance which women find attractive. The third of the pheromones is androsterone which is subtly different to androstenone in more ways than just spelling. This is the pheromone that really makes women fall for men as it creates an aura around you of masculinity. She will see you as a man who can take care of her as it will give her a feeling of security and reliability around you. In my personal experience with Chikara I have found that it works best as a social pheromone as it seems to create a feel good aura that seems to lift the mood of people around me. This seems to apply as much to men as well as women. Some of the more sexually potent pheromone colognes can make other men seem to be uncomfortable around you. I would say that Chikara for Men works best when used as an icebreaker but its sexual attraction effects aren’t as strong as Pherazone. If you are a shy guy then Chikara is likely to work well for you as it will make women feel more at ease and chatty with you and this can really help to boost your confidence with women. You should find it easier to get girls to give you their phone numbers because you will seem like a great guy that women will want to see again. However you may need to work on your seduction techniques or try other pheromone products to take things to the next level with a girl. One effect that I often encountered with Chikara is that women just love the smell and you will get lots of compliments. It’s great when women break the ice for you and Chikara can really help make this happen. Like most pheromones colognes, you need to experiment with Chikara to get good results. Too little and it will have no effect, too much and the effects can be negative and produce undesired reactions from the people around you. Chikara is a great icebreaker but it isn’t going to help you much beyond that if you are hoping to have women throw themselves at you and begging you to take them home. There are other pheromone colognes that can do that such as Pherazone. You can however combine pheromone colognes so that you get the social benefits of one with the sexual attraction boost from another. You can buy Chikara Pheromone for Men from LoveScent.com which is one of my favourite online pheromone stores. At the time of writing (July 2014), Chikara is their #1 bestselling pheromone. You should check out their store as they often have money off discounts available on many of their products. They have user testimonials available for each pheromone cologne they sell which can help you to decide which the best pheromone is for you. 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