girl5Pheromones for men can really help you if you are having a hard time attracting women. Maybe you are shy about approaching girls and need something to give your confidence a boost.  If that’s the case then pheromone cologne can help you get noticed and give you an unfair advantage.

Being successful at picking up women is all about generating attraction.  You can be a nice guy and complement her all you like but unless she is attracted to you then you’ll never become more than just good friends.   Attraction is something that you generate in a woman through how you communicate with her via language, attitude and your body language.  But if you lack confidence you can end up sending completely the wrong signals.  This is where you can benefit from using pheromones for men to attract women.

Pheromones are nature’s way of generating attraction. By using pheromone cologne you are leveraging the natural power of pheromones to make yourself more attractive to women. We all give off pheromones, some men more than others. The guys with the most natural pheromones are often those jerks that women seem so hopelessly attracted to. Pheromone cologne enables you to be like those jerks without actually being a jerk!


Women will sense your pheromone cologne and they won’t know what hit them as is goes right under the female radar straight to their pleasure centres. Pheromone cologne will make them feel aroused and they will blame it on you without even knowing why!

Types of Pheromone Products

Choosing the best pheromone cologne spray for you can be a difficult decision to make as there so many different brands now available such as the best selling PherX pheromone cologne for men. Pheromones for men either come in the form of a convenient spray or they come as pheromone oil that you can rub into your skin.

The majority of pheromones for men are scented like normal cologne but you can get some that are unscented.  The advantage of using unscented pheromones I suppose is so that you can wear your normal cologne as well. Plus it prevents the question being asked about what cologne you are wearing.  I don’t think many guys would admit to wearing pheromones if asked what cologne they were wearing.  I personally lie and say it was something else.

Pheromones themselves don’t actually smell and the cologne will just smell of the added scent.  To be honest if you buy a pheromone product you are doing so to get results.  I couldn’t care less about the smell if I was being approached by more women whilst wearing it.

What Will I Experience if I Wear Pheromone Cologne?

Don’t expect women to throw themselves at you the moment you enter a bar.  But you will notice women giving you more attention.  You will get more smiles and women will be more likely to get flirty with you.  It will make it a lot easier for you to approach women and for them to be interested in you.  They will sense something about you that’s attractive to them.

Your success with pheromones really depends on the brand you choose.  What works for one man might not work so well for another. You might need to try another one if the first one you try doesn’t work for you.

The 3 Best Pheromones for Men

#1 The Winner – Pherazone

Pherazone – Featured on Fox News and recently rated the #1 pheromone in 2 online surveys. Studies have shown that it works for over 90% of people who have tried it. Pherazone contains the highest concentrations of pheromones in any cologne so you’re bound to get the attention of more women. The Pherazone website claims that their cologne will drive women crazy and massively boost your sex appeal. It’s great smelling cologne too and you will get women coming up to you because they love the smell. Well that’s what they will think anyway as pheromones work on a woman’s subconscious. The pheromones in Pherazone will make her feel horny in your presence without her knowing why.

#2 The Runner Up – Chikara

Chikara – If we were going to award a pheromone cologne based on its smell then Chikara would be the winner. It contains 10mg of pheromones in a bottle which is just over half what Pherazone contains. Chikara is reasonable well priced and has loads of great reviews. It’s a great pheromone cologne but it’s rated by us at #2 as we haven’t yet found any pheromones for men to beat Pherazone.

#3 Best Value for Money – Nexus Pheromones

Nexus Pheromones – This is another bestselling pheromone. This one contains a blend of 7 human pheromones. It can be worn with your favourite cologne. You get a 67 day money back guarantee too if it doesn’t work. Nexus Pheromones is quite a bit cheaper than Pherazone and not as effective. However we have still got good results using this pheromone and well like the smell. Nexus Pheromones get our vote for the best value for money pheromone cologne, but if you can afford it then Pherazone rules.

So there you have it, our top 3 pheromone colognes for men. There are so many different pheromone colognes available now that it’s a difficult decision to decide which one to buy. Hopefully this article will have made things a bit easier.

Be aware that a lot of pheromone cologne makers over hype their products by making it sound like women will be throwing themselves at you when you wear their cologne. They certainly make attracting women easier, but can you deliver what your pheromones are promising? Pheromones for men send signals subconsciously to a woman about your suitability as a mate. If you can’t deliver what your pheromones are promising then you may well end up disappointed. It’s important for you to work on yourself as a person and become the man that women will enjoy to be with.

That was just a small sample of available products.  As you can see there are a lot of different men’s pheromone perfumes available.  Buying the right one for you can be a difficult choice.  However the research into pheromones is conclusive and you will almost certainly get results if you choose a well-known product that is backed up with research and positive customer feedback.

What Do You Want from Your Pheromones?
Most guys think that the objective of wearing a pheromone cologne is to generate sexual attraction and improve your seduction skills. However the more you understand how pheromones work the more you will understand that they influence people in other ways as well. They can enhance all your social interactions. Different blends of different pheromones influence people in different ways and not just sexually.

Is it sex you want or is it romance? Different pheromones influence women in different ways whereas one type of pheromone will create romantic feelings whilst another will create an instant sexual attraction. So you need to ask yourself when shopping for pheromones what it is that you want. Do you want a long term relationship or do you want to get laid with a different girl every Saturday night?

If there is a girl that you are attracted to in the office then you ought to choose a more subtle pheromone that promotes feelings of attraction. This will be more effective in developing a long term relationship as you will see her every day and she will be exposed to the effects of your pheromones. These kind of pheromones can help you to get out of the friend zone with her.

When you don’t have a girl that you have you eye on and you just want to get some action down at the nightclub then you should consider a more sexual pheromone cologne. In this kind of environment you need to stand out from the other guys and pheromones can help you to do that. There is less time to get to know a girl at a nightclub so you need results a lot quicker so a rawer and more aggressive pheromone blend is recommended.

You might be surprised to learn that pheromones for men can influence other men to your advantage as well. Pheromones can generate respect from other males that can help you get on in the workplace. This can improve your confidence and make you more attractive to women.

More subtle pheromone blends can help to give you a more fun vibe that will make you more popular with people in general. They won’t create instant sexual attraction but they can help to make you a more appealing person that can lead to attraction later on.

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