[wr_row][wr_column span=”span10″][wr_text el_title=””]girl6Are you are a shy guy? Do you wish you were able to pick up the girl of your dreams but just can’t think of what to say to her? Maybe you have plenty of things to say, but you just can’t find the confidence to approach her to actually say it. You might feel as though you will make a fool of yourself and fear that she will reject you; or even worse laugh at you and tell her mates about you. If this describes how you feel about girls then you are not alone. There are many guys like you. It can be an incredibly frustrating experience seeing the girl you fancy being chatted up by other guys. What’s even worse is that most of the guys seem to be a bunch of jerks. You know deep down inside that you would her treat her better than those guys, and can’t understand why those guys get all the luck. Pheromone colognes can help to generate the initial attraction, but shyness can hinder your progress when it comes to actually dating her. seduction system Here are 7 dating tips for shy guys.
  1. Find girls with similar interests – If you have a particular interest why don’t you try joining a club where people with that interest hang out? It’s so much easier to break the ice with a girl if you know before you have even spoken to her that you both have something in common. This might be a bit more difficult for you if you don’t have interests that girls are usually into. So if your main interest is computer games you might have to make a bit more of an effort to get out of your comfort zone. Think about new things you might like to try where you might get to meet girls such as dance or yoga classes.

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  3. Stay Within Your Comfort Zone – Once you have actually asked a girl out on a date, try to stay within your comfort zone. You are probably going to feel shy until you get to know her better. If you go somewhere familiar you are more likely to feel in control of the situation. Once you have gained confidence you can start to be a bit more adventurous. You might feel more comfortable taking her for a walk in the park followed by coffee for a first date. When you are shy it can be difficult to talk about yourself to somebody you don’t know very well. You may find that if you go someplace with a lot of activity that it can stimulate conversation in different directions.

  4. Preparing Your Date – Preparation for a date is important so that you don’t run into any awkward situations. For example if you are planning on taking her to a restaurant then book it before rather than turn up only to find it’s fully booked. Don’t try to rehearse everything as you don’t want your date to feel like it’s scripted.

  5. Don’t Expect Perfection – You probably have a mental image of how your perfect date would go. You may have spent a lot of time daydreaming about your perfect date. It’s quite likely that you will half expect your date to occur as you have been imagining it. Please don’t go on a date with unrealistic expectations. If you’ve been imagining your date laughing at all your jokes, liking all the same bands and being a female version of you then you’ll probably be disappointed. It’s perfectly okay for her to be different, and have different interests to you. It’s all about how much fun you have together and whether you connect and have chemistry with each other.

  6. Make Her Feel Special – You are far more likely to hit it off with girl whilst on date if you go out of your away to make it a special occasion for her. Treat her like she is special. Compliment her, but try not complimenting her so much on things you could have said to any other girl. Find something that is unique about her that you like and compliment her on that. That’s more likely to make her feel more special than the usual compliments she gets all time. Be sure to smile at her and try your best to make her laugh if you can.

  7. Conversation Tips – It is important to be a good listener so pay attention to what she has to say. This will make you seem like you are genuinely interested in what she likes and how she feels. Questions are a great way of keeping a conversation going with a girl, especially if you feel like you don’t have much to say. But try not to ask so many questions that it makes her feel like she’s attending an interview or being interrogated. If you can, try to phrase some of your questions to her more like comments that encourage a response.

  8. Modesty – Try to be modest. Guys trend to brag a lot when they are with their friends. Women don’t find bragging to be attractive and you will come off better in her eyes if she sees you as being modest. There’s no need for exaggeration and being honest about yourself will work out better for you on a date. You will find dates go much better if you can just be yourself and it will help you get over your shyness when girls accept you for who you really are.

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