[wr_row][wr_column span=”span10″][wr_text el_title=””]girl7Hi guys, let me guess. You got a girls phone number and now you want to send flirty texts to her and get her to go out on date with you, but you’re not quite sure what to say right? Well here are 5 great text flirting strategies that work really well.

1. How to go from flirting with women to actually getting a date.

A lot of guys really don’t have any idea how to transition a flirty text conversation onto the topic of getting together for a date. You really need to get this right as it’s the key to success with text flirting if you want to go out with the girl. The most common mistake guys make when texting a girl is revealing too much information about themselves. If you give too much about yourself away before you propose a date it takes away the mystery or intrigue for her. That sort of thing really gets women excited about dating you. Don’t blow your chance by telling her all about you so that she feels like she’s already getting to know you. Texting should be like a trailer for a movie; just enough to get her excited enough to want to experience the real thing. magnetictexts The perfect text for this situation would go like this… Her: “What you up to?” You: “Just doing some writing.” Her: “Oh, about what?” You: “Something so secret I can’t talk about it over the phone. I would have to tell you over a glass of wine” You: “Let’s meet up later and I’ll tell you all about it. How’s 8:30 for you tonight?”

2. The Radar Text

I can’t go into too much detail about this here; you’ll have check out Magnetic Messaging for the full details. But this a technique that you use if the girl you are interested in seems to be losing interest in you, and you feel like you are slipping off her radar. The idea is to send her a text that is going to require her to invest some time thinking about her response and that is also going to stimulate her emotionally. The best way to do this is begin with some flirting text messages about pop culture e.g. music or movies. Let’s start a texting conversation about music, it could start off like this… Text1: “I’ve just started a new Spotify playlist called “Cool Driving Music” Text2: “What do you like listening to you when you are driving? Give me some song titles!”

3. Making Yourself Look Cool Whilst Complimenting Her

Magnetic Messaging goes into a great deal of detail about how to blur the line between being sweet and being cocky. It tells you exactly how to pay a compliment to a girl whilst at the same time making yourself look cool in the process. You could use something like this… “Been working out too hard, could do with being distracted by a pretty lady before I end up straining myself” magnetictexts

4. Gaining “Yes Momentum”

One of the most effective ways of flirting with girls via text is to get some yes momentum going. Once girls have made an emotional investment in response to your text flirting they don’t like to spoil the vibe by saying no to you. Many guys get sucked into a girl’s yes momentum by saying that they like a movie or song just because she does. Can you imagine how powerful it can be when you get a girl to respond to you by agreeing with all the things that you like? It is a lot easier to turn a text conversation into a date if you can leverage her yes momentum to your advantage. Text1: “Do you like pasta? (Please say yes)” Text2: “Do you want to go out and eat some?”

5. Paying the Shameless Compliment

If have used the previous techniques you should have got a vibe going with the girl and feel like you’re both really connecting. It’s now time to pay her a really over the top compliment. This can dramatically improve your chances of getting her to come out on a date with you. These flirt lines also work great with girls you have already been out with or even a girlfriend. Text1: “How can you be so damn hot and so down to earth at the same time?” Text2: “It just isn’t fair.” If you use this sequence of flirting texts wisely you will greatly increase your chances with that girl as well improving how you communicate with women. However five text messages don’t make much of a conversation and you will need to develop your imagination to keep things going. Check out my other article how to keep a conversation going with a girl for some great ideas to keep a conversation flowing. To really turn your phone into a magnet that will attract women you need to check out Magnetic Messaging. This will teach you how to flirt via text using something called sexual inception that you can use to planet erotic thoughts in her mind and make going out you a no brainer for her. magnetictexts[/wr_text][/wr_column][wr_column span=”span2″][wr_sidebar #_EDITTED el_title=”” sidebar_id=”sidebar1″ div_margin_top=”0″ div_margin_left=”0″ div_margin_bottom=”25″ div_margin_right=”0″ appearing_animation=”0″ css_suffix=”” id_wrapper=”” disabled_el=”no” wrapper_padding_top=”0″ wrapper_padding_left=”0″ wrapper_padding_bottom=”0″ wrapper_padding_right=”0″ wrapper_bg_color=”” wrapper_bg_opacity_slider=”” wrapper_bg_opacity=”100″ wrapper_border_top=”0″ wrapper_border_left=”0″ wrapper_border_bottom=”0″ wrapper_border_right=”0″ wrapper_border_style=”solid” wrapper_border_color=”” wrapper_rounded_topleft=”0″ wrapper_rounded_topright=”0″ wrapper_rounded_bottomleft=”0″ wrapper_rounded_bottomright=”0″ responsive_hide=”no” ][/wr_sidebar][/wr_column][/wr_row]

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