[wr_row][wr_column span=”span10″][wr_text el_title=””]girl4Do you keep failing with women because you keep running out of things to say? It’s difficult to be successful at picking up women if you hit that awkward silence two minutes after starting a conversation. Nothing kills that initial attraction she might have felt for you if you have nothing left to say after you’ve used your pick up line on her and bought her a drink. In a moment I will share with you two great techniques that can really boost your success with women. However if you don’t know how to flirt with girls or are lacking in confidence you might want to read our 7 dating tips for shy guys first. The FMK Game I’m going to share with you a secret of mine that you can use if you are unsure about how to keep a conversation going with a girl. I like to call this the “FMK” game! This has got me out of so many awkward silences I’ve lost count. “FMK” by the way stands for “Fuck, Murder, Kill!” It’s a great way of having fun whilst using sexual innuendo on her. seduction system You use the FMK game as soon as you feel you are about to hit that dreaded awkward silence or you feel that she’s starting to lose her initial interest in you. You start by telling her that you want to play a game with her. Right away this is something different from all the lame chat up lines she’s had to put up with already. That alone will get her interested and is a great way of keeping the conversation going with her. unlock her legs The rules of the game go like this. You take a glance around the room at all the other guys present and you ask the girl which ones she would like to fuck, marry or kill! This should get a laugh from her right away. Don’t pick guys at random; you want to select them carefully so you have a selection of different types of men with different appearances, styles and personalities. This trick will help you to identify what type of guys she goes for. Once she reveals this the next step will become so much easier for you as you will have a great idea of how she likes to be seduced. If she says she wants to fuck the long haired guy with tattoos, marry the nerd and kill the businessman in the suit then you know she’s a bit of a wild one, as well as not liking guys with much structure and she’s probably a bit of a nerd herself. You can keep the game going by playfully teasing her by making silly comments as you try to guess who she would most like fuck, marry or kill. The more you can make her laugh the more likely you are to generate attraction. By playing this game you are getting her to think about who in the room she would most like to have sex with. The important point here is that it is YOU who has got her into a mood where is thinking about sex. If you get this right you are almost guaranteed to have got her turned on. If you are able to pull this trick off you will have made her attracted to you and to see that you are 100% confident in your sexuality. Most guys would never even suggest that a girl look at other guys when they’re talking to her. This is a sign of confidence as you don’t feel threatened by the prospect of her sleeping with other guys. Confidence in a man is something that women find very sexy. This game demonstrates creativity, confidence and playfulness. It is a great way to generate attraction and sets you up perfectly to move onto the next stage once you have built up enough sexual energy with her. All women have sexual triggers, and this game sets things up perfectly by activating them and getting her instantly turned on. As effective as this technique is, it’s one of only several that you should have in your toolbox. To learn even more effective techniques check out this free presentation that’s guaranteed to make you a badass with women and her pull all her sexual triggers. seduction system The Kiss Technique Once you have succeeded in generating attraction with a girl and generated enough rapport with her, it’s time to move on to the kiss technique. How many times have you thought things were going well with a girl only to be rejected as soon as you try to kiss her? Or maybe you only made it half way and left with only a peck on the cheek. When a girl rejects your attempts to kiss her it really messes things up as it can ruin all chance of moving onto seduction. Mastering this part of interaction is difficult for most guys as it doesn’t happen enough for them to become any good at it. As a result many guys have to face a lot of rejection and learn from their mistakes. The Kiss Technique I am about to share with you is all about giving her subconscious triggers that will make her want to kiss you. It’s difficult to tell how likely a girl is to want to kiss you. But the more you hesitate the more reserved she will be about doing so. There are two concepts to master if you want to increase your chance of getting that kiss. The first is called triangular gazing and you use it once you have built enough rapport and are ready to move into seduction. You simply look her in one eye and then into the other. Then you look at her mouth. When you look at a woman’s mouth you subconsciously start thinking about kissing her. The same thing happens for women too. If you influence a woman to do the same thing you can get her to think about kissing you. The next concept is called mirroring. When two people are in a conversation they will mirror each other in an attempt to build rapport. By combining triangular gazing and mirroring you can make her think about kissing you. Once you have rapport going look briefly into her mouth for a couple of seconds before looking back to her eyes. Switch your gaze between both of her eyes before looking back to her mouth for slightly longer than you did the first time. Continue to do this spending slightly longer each time looking at her mouth until you are spending most of your time looking at her mouth. When she is looking at your mouth as well you know she is ready to be kissed. To take this one stage further where is she leaning into you practically begging to be kissed you will have to watch the following video presentation by clicking the button below. seduction system[/wr_text][/wr_column][wr_column span=”span2″][wr_sidebar #_EDITTED el_title=”” sidebar_id=”sidebar1″ div_margin_top=”0″ div_margin_left=”0″ div_margin_bottom=”25″ div_margin_right=”0″ appearing_animation=”0″ css_suffix=”” id_wrapper=”” disabled_el=”no” wrapper_padding_top=”0″ wrapper_padding_left=”0″ wrapper_padding_bottom=”0″ wrapper_padding_right=”0″ wrapper_bg_color=”” wrapper_bg_opacity_slider=”” wrapper_bg_opacity=”100″ wrapper_border_top=”0″ wrapper_border_left=”0″ wrapper_border_bottom=”0″ wrapper_border_right=”0″ wrapper_border_style=”solid” wrapper_border_color=”” wrapper_rounded_topleft=”0″ wrapper_rounded_topright=”0″ wrapper_rounded_bottomleft=”0″ wrapper_rounded_bottomright=”0″ responsive_hide=”no” ][/wr_sidebar][/wr_column][/wr_row]

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