[wr_row][wr_column span=”span10″][wr_text el_title=””]prod1Pherazone for men is one of the bestselling pheromone sprays. With 18mg of pheromones it claims to have the highest concentration of pheromones to be found in any product. Whilst significantly more potent than most other brands, it actually contains the same amount of pheromones as PherX which is the world’s bestselling pheromone product. What makes Pherazone most appealing however is how it keeps coming out tops in online surveys to find the most effective pheromone product. No less than 3 online surveys in 2013 rated Pherazone the most effective pheromone for attracting women. Does Pherazone Work? The Pherazone website claims that their product will drive women crazy, get you more attention, give you instant sex appeal, increase your confidence, get you more dates and more sex. What’s not to like? Nothing assuming that it works and 90% of men who have used it claim that it does. What’s more, it smells great too! I recommend you pop over to the Pherazone website and watch some of the amazing video testimonials they have on there. redbutton A survey carried out in Australia by Bennett Research asked 306 men who had been using pheromones what effect they had. Over 90% believed that it had made them more attractive to women. As well as being approached and flirted with by more women, pheromones had caused women to become more physical with them with a huge increase in touching, kissing and actual sex. If you have become frustrated with the dating scene and just can’t seem to find your perfect partner then Pherazone maybe for you. If you are in a relationship that is on the decline, pheromones can help reignite attraction and put the passion back into your relationship. Pheromone spray colognes have been on the scene for around 20 years now and much research has been done into them. In fact pheromone products owe their existence to science which has created the technology to synthesize pheromones. What you would call chemistry, science calls pheromones. Pherazone contains only lab-certified pheromones. Pherazone comes in three versions. One for men to attract women and another for women to attract men. It also comes in a gay version for men to attract other men. So make sure buy the right one! Pherazone smells great and people will think you are wearing expensive cologne. The scents have been carefully chosen to act unconsciously on women to make men more attractive to them. I would describe the scent as being very fresh, clean and aquatic. redbutton In order to use Pherazone you just spray it onto your skin like you would normal cologne. However it is best applied to your wrists, neck and behind your ears. You need to be careful not to use too much due its high concentration. Using more does not make it any more effective. Once applied Pherazone lasts for about 8 hours but depends on the individual and how much you sweat. So you only need one application before heading out. Guys, you need to be aware that pheromones don’t give you anything you don’t already have. They work by enhancing what you have already. So if your personality skills are lacking and you don’t know how to treat a lady then they are not likely to get you very far. They will make you more attractive and get women to notice you. However you may still need to work on your social skills to turn that initial attraction into something that lasts the first encounter. Therefore it will obviously help if you know how to keep a conversation going with a girl. Giving off pheromones will attract beautiful women to you but if you struggle to be friendly then you are going to have trouble breaking the ice with them. The good news is that once you experienced the effects of wearing a pheromone, it will give your confidence a boost. The Good
  • Extremely effective at attracting the opposite sex.
  • Smells Great
  • Shown to work for 90% of customers and great testimonials.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Works so well it will boost your confidence.
  • Highest concentration of pheromones.
The Bad
  • It’s expensive compared to other pheromones, but the results make it worth it. But you only need a small amount for it to be effective. If it doesn’t work they give you your money back. If it does work for you, then you’ll think it’s the best money you’ve ever spent and won’t care.
  • It’s no substitute for lack of personality or sense of humour.
Rating: 5star redbutton[/wr_text][/wr_column][wr_column span=”span2″][wr_sidebar #_EDITTED el_title=”” sidebar_id=”sidebar1″ div_margin_top=”0″ div_margin_left=”0″ div_margin_bottom=”25″ div_margin_right=”0″ appearing_animation=”0″ css_suffix=”” id_wrapper=”” disabled_el=”no” wrapper_padding_top=”0″ wrapper_padding_left=”0″ wrapper_padding_bottom=”0″ wrapper_padding_right=”0″ wrapper_bg_color=”” wrapper_bg_opacity_slider=”” wrapper_bg_opacity=”100″ wrapper_border_top=”0″ wrapper_border_left=”0″ wrapper_border_bottom=”0″ wrapper_border_right=”0″ wrapper_border_style=”solid” wrapper_border_color=”” wrapper_rounded_topleft=”0″ wrapper_rounded_topright=”0″ wrapper_rounded_bottomleft=”0″ wrapper_rounded_bottomright=”0″ responsive_hide=”no” ][/wr_sidebar][/wr_column][/wr_row]

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