[wr_row][wr_column span=”span10″][wr_text el_title=””]unlock her legs reviewUnlock Her Legs is the #1 guide to turn to when you are friends with a girl but you are stuck in the friend zone with her. For some reason she just won’t seem to get physical with you. This is the kind of problem that Unlock Her Legs was created to solve. The creators of Unlock Her Legs are Bobby Rio and Rob Judge. You might have heard of them before if you have come across the highly successful Magnetic Messaging system which they also created. This was a fantastic guide to flirting with women using phone texting. Unlock Her Legs is a very sneaky little system as it is all about mind games that you play on women. I’m talking the kind of mind games that make them think that they want to get physical with you. The most powerful of these is called The Scrambler but the system also comes with a complete toolkit comprised of an extra 12 tricks that you can use on her. The Scrambler combined with the other 12 secret tactics make Unlock Her Legs the most effective system ever devised for getting out of the friend zone with a girl. The final piece to the puzzle is the LUST system which is what you use on her when you have successfully seduced her and are ready for some action in the bedroom. redbutton I should remind you that The Scrambler has been specially designed to work on girls you know already. It’s not really a pick-up guide that will teach you how to approach women you’ve never met and what to say. There are better systems for that such as The Tao of Badass. It is all about you getting you out of the frustration of being stuck in the friend zone where you face the dreaded fate of just being good friends. It also works brilliantly on girls that you’ve met previously but didn’t quite hit it off with. With The Scrambler you can go back and try your luck again with a far greater chance of success and often get spectacular results.
The Bonuses
By itself the main product is simply awesome and is great value for your money. But to make the deal even sweeter they are giving away 6 great bonuses which make buying Unlock Her Legs a total no brainer. I’ll quickly run through each of the bonuses. Bonus #1 She’s Sending You Signals – This is a guide to female body language that teaches you how to read all the little signals she’s sending you. Armed with this ability you will be able to get inside her mind and know just when the time is right to make your next move. unlock her legs Bonus #2 Invisible Escalation – This bonus is a video that will teach you how to turn on her “sexual electricity” and drive her wild. Bonus #3 The Dirty Dozen – If ever you are stuck on what to say to woman, then this will reveal the 12 conversation topics that women most love to talk about. This will really help you establish stronger connections with women and make them more likely to want to be with you. Bonus #4 The Boyfriend Destroyer Sequence – One of most annoying obstacles that stand in the way of you getting into bed with your dream girl is her boyfriend. How do you convince her that you are better for her than he is? This under the radar trick will solve this problem and make her come to see you as a much better option. Bonus #5 The Magnetic Effect Pattern – In the friend zone with a girl? This bonus reveals the best text messages for getting out of it. Bonus #6 Her Erogenous Zones – Assuming you’ve applied everything in Unlock Her Legs correctly and you have got her into your bedroom. What do you do next? This bonus reveals all the best techniques to really turn her on so that she has night she will never forget. redbutton
The Good and the Bad About Unlock Her Legs
No product is without its plusses and minuses; the same is true for Unlock Her Legs.
The Good Stuff
What really struck me the most was how it utilized the science of female psychology to the best possible effect. This foundation in science made all the techniques seem totally legit and gave me far greater confidence that they would work for me. It really does help when you apply the methods knowing that they are tried and tested. You are not learning some random rubbish written by one of those jerks so you don’t have to try to be one. This stuff really works! You are provided with a massive toolkit of under the radar tactics that will work on even the hottest and hardest to get women. All of the techniques are very clearly explained and you will easily be able to understand and apply them. It is amazing to try these techniques out on a girl that seems indifferent to you at first and then observe the transformation as she is slowly overcome by her desire for you. You are always the one in control and it is such a great feeling.
The Not So Good Stuff
Like anything else this is going to take quite a bit of dedication and practice for you to begin to see the best results. There will undoubtedly be some trial and error as you try the techniques out for the first time and you will have to learn from your mistakes. But as you get better your confidence will grow and as your confidence grows the system will work better for you. In the early stages you might want to try them out on random girls at first to get some practice before using them on the girl you really want. That way by the time you try it out on her you will have a far better chance with her as your confidence will have grown and you are far less likely to fail with her. Don’t expect quick results from this system as there is no magic pick-up line that gets women instantly horny and jump into bed with you two seconds later. It is all about planting little seeds in her mind that arouse her curiosity and that keep her thinking about you when you are not around. Don’t expect to walk into a bar and walk out with hottest chick five minutes later, it’s not that kind of system. In order for this system to work you need to be on friendly terms with some girls that you wish to try it on. It’s all about planting seeds in her mind that make her think about you all the time. You will need to see her often enough as it will take a number of encounters with her to take effect. You are likely to see positive results very quickly but there are a number of steps that you have to go through before you can expect to get her wanting to get physical with you.
My Conclusion
Well I hope you found my Unlock Her Legs review helpful and that I have given you a good idea what to expect from it. I can honestly say that it is a product that I recommend. However if you don’t have many female friends or you lack confidence with women then you might be better off with The Tao of Badass. That’s all about confidence building so that you able to approach women and know exactly what to say in order to turn them on.
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